What are the best laptop brands for students?

Getting the best laptops for students is important as students need to run various applications to complete projects, attend video classes, and do multitasking.


We are here to guide you find the best laptops for college students or university going students with required technical features.

In recent time’s technology getting advanced every day. New gadgets and devices are launched by various tech giants all over the world. It is a tough thing to choose the best laptop for you. The most important part of buying any tech devices is credibility. You would always like to use your purchased device for a long time without facing any trouble. Student’s friendly laptops are those which can run various applications, has a camera for attending video classes, or run high end projects.

Best Laptop Brands for Students

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the premium quality laptops available in the market today. MacBooks are built with quality hardware for speed and performance.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is another popular laptop by the brand Microsoft. It is built for all types of task including taking notes, running complex applications, enjoying movies and other. It can provide you the performance beyond your expectation.

HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion series laptops are one of the best quality laptops by HP. These laptops are suitable for students to attend online classes, taking notes, running complex applications and other tasks.

Best Laptop Brands for Students with Requirement

No.For StudentsRequirementLaptop Specs Minimum
1Engineering StudentsTo Run Complex Applications like; AutoCAD or MatLab.RAM – 8 GB Storage – SSD Graphics – 1 GB
2College StudentsFor general useRAM – 8 GB Storage – SSD Webcam
3High School StudentsAttending Video ClassesRAM – 8 GB Screen – 15” Webcam
4MBA StudentsFor calculation, report generation, Tally, MS Office & etc.RAM – 8GB Storage – SSD Screen – FHD Display  
5University StudentsGeneral useRAM – 8 GB Storage – SSD Webcam

We have presented in the tablet with the right laptop brands for students with minimum specs. As you can see a laptop for engineering students need good size of RAM with graphics so that it becomes easy for the students to run complex applications.

Conclusion: Laptops for Students

Technical gadgets are become essential part of our life. It makes our life pleasurable and comfy. Starting from getting the first current news instantly on your smartphone or tablets and perform all your everyday work on a laptop. Students are the future of our world. They need advanced gadgets to perform complex task every day. Laptops for students became very much essential to communicate with teacher’s online, collecting information from internet, attending video classes.

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